Monday, June 9, 2014

Strawberry Pickin

      When you come to the great state of Maryland ~ preferably to the East Coast where you can smell the ocean blue and all that corn you cant help but to visit the sites that are the best in Marland. When the whole crew arrived on June 8th all we could think about was getting out of the car and going to bed. The twelve and half hour trip did no good for anyone, me EVERYONE'S butts felt like they were on fire. But in all reality who really cares about the travel.
      I have never picked strawberries before, ( they don't have fresh strawberries in KY) so Mom-mom decided that it was time that I experienced what every other granddaughter had experienced. We loaded up in the car and headed to Oakley's Farm Market. No one even knew if strawberry season was still on, but why not try and go.
   The arrival ~ Holy cow talk about the rows of strawberries
 Guess we did a good job!
The Kentuckians don't get to pick a lot
so we get overly happy!
 All the girls at the patch!

        If only you could try the strawberries through the computer they are as sweet as sugar (but without the sugar). Who knows what will happen tomorrow will we pick more strawberries or head into town to visit the key riches of Salisbury, Maryland. Thanks to Sarah for letting me steal these photos. Sorry to Mom-mom if you wanted to write about strawberry picking I beat you too it.

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